This course is designed for students who already have completed Intermediate Hindi II at the university level or its equivalent. In this course, the students will be required to read, analyze, and discuss selected short texts of various genres, including online materials. They will be expected to develop and enhance their linguistic skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. You will be exposed to a variety of Hindi authentic text, such as short stories, interviews, Internet articles, magazine articles, excerpts from novels, and poetry, and segments of films. Although grammar will not be as strongly emphasized as in the previous classes, review of complex grammatical structures and word formation as well as unusual and idiomatic constructions will be reviewed. Close reading, listening, and viewing will allow them to expand their formal vocabulary and to develop your skills in interpreting; discussing, debating, analyzing and critiquing ideas presented using the target language. In addition, since language and culture are so deeply interrelated, the students will explore various aspects of South Asian culture. The texts will mainly focus on Indian situations, in order to get you better acquainted with the cultural side of India and Hindi-speaking communities.