This is the first part of a two-semester course in Turkish on the elementary level. This course builds the foundation for learning the Turkish language.

Elementary Turkish I is a Hybrid course with one online and 2 face-to-face sessions per week. Course work for the Hybrid portion of the course will be uploaded on the course site on Sakai. This course is designed to introduce students with the basic grammar and writing skills in a lively and interactive classroom atmosphere through communicative activities including pair-work, group work, role-playing and games. Students are encouraged to interact one another and use what they learn in the classroom to improve their vocabulary.

Since effective communication and accuracy are the primary goals in this course, students will be given plenty of help and guidance. Oral practice will proceed from exchange of greetings to common everyday exchanges; especially of the type foreign students are likely to encounter in Turkey with attention to the key vocabulary centered on each topic.

This course holistically allows students to broaden their cultural horizons by learning about Turkish language and culture. This course provides students a foundation in Turkish to be able to reflect on the historical value of the language and literature and compare it to its modern-day application.


Textbook: Elementary Turkish I & II – (new edition)
Author: Kurtulus Oztopcu*
ISBN: 978-975-7981-40-4
Available at (Note: Publisher sells this textbook as a set, which includes Volume I, Volume II and two CDs.)

Minoring in Turkish:

Students can choose Turkish as their minor. Students who want to minor in Turkish must take 4 Turkish language courses (14-16 credits). In addition, they must also take EITHER

  1. Two 300 level Turkish language courses (6 credits), OR
  2. 013:201: Crossroads: Classical Literatures of Africa, the Middle East and South Asia (3 credits), and either 013:203 Language and Society (3 credits), or 013:221 Introduction to the Literatures of the Middle East (3 credits)

To learn more about minoring Turkish, visit our Minors page.