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South Asian Language Courses




01:013:160 Elementary Hindi I (4) (hybrid online) (fall)


An introduction to Hindi language and its script: Using a communicatively oriented, proficiency based approach students will develop basic communicative skills in the language through a combination of interactive classroom activities, take-home assignments and group work. Emphasis will be on the development of all language skills, including writing, reading comprehension and audio oral skills. In addition to the acquisition of a core vocabulary, the student will be prepared to manipulate basic grammatical structures of Hindi for purposes of basic communication in a variety of situations. Students will also be introduced to aspects of Hindi culture to build cultural awareness and communicative competence.



01:013:161 Elementary Hindi II (4) (hybrid online) (spring)


This course is the second part of an introduction to Hindi: students will continue in this course to develop basic communicative skills in the language, by using a communicative and proficiency-based approach and by means of a combination of interactive classroom activities, take-home assignments and group work used in the past course. Emphasis will continue to be put equally on all language skills, including:  writing, reading, comprehension, and oral skills. The core vocabulary acquired in Elementary Hindi I will be expanded to cover a larger variety of everyday topics and situations. The course will also elaborate more on previously acquired basic language structures and students will be introduced to more aspects of the Hindi culture in order to continue building a better cultural awareness and a more solid communicative competence.



01:013:260 Intermediate Hindi I (4) (hybrid online) (fall)

This course is designed to make students use the grammar acquired in Elementary Hindi I & II.  Students will read and understand selected texts and retell them in their own words.  Selected dialogues form everyday situations will be used as a basis for conversation practice. Students will also develop vocabulary and grammar skills by learning how to narrate stories using images. Overall, students will continue to develop their reading, writing and speaking skills to Intermediate low levels.

01:013:261 Intermediate Hindi II (4) (hybrid online) (spring) AHq

Development of language skills: vocabulary building, oral proficiency, listening and reading comprehension, study and review of grammar. Study of literature: literary works of eminent authors and poets.



01:013:360 Advanced Hindi I (3) (hybrid online) (fall)

This course is designed for students who already have completed two years of Hindi language study at the college level. Students would be required to read, analyze and discuss selected short texts of various genres, including online newspapers. The newspapers and literary texts will be focusing mainly on Indian situations, to get students better acquainted with the cultural side of India. Audio-Video material will be an important component of the classroom activities. Interactive sessions and group discussions will be based on the given topics.

01:013:361 Advanced Hindi II (3) (hybrid online) (spring)

This course is a continuation of Advanced Hindi I.