• Meg Arenberg

Meg Arenberg is a scholar of 20th and 21st-century African literatures with particular research interest in the intertextual relationships between Europhone and Afrophone African texts, literary translation, Kiswahili poetics, and digital media. Her current book project, Disruptive Forms: Tanzanian Literature Beyond Nation explores how literary forms and social relations collide and interact in the literary imaginations of Tanzanian poets, playwrights, and fiction writers. She has published English translations of Kiswahili poems by Kenyan poet Abdilatif Abdalla and Zanzibari poet Mohammed Ghassani, and is currently at work on a translation of Ali Hilal’s prize-winning novel Mmeza Fupa. Her work has been published in PMLA, Research in African Literatures, East African Literary and Cultural Studies, Postcolonial Text, and Words Without Borders and has won recognition from the American Comparative Literature Association and the American Literary Translators Association.