• Department of French, Rutgers University

Bio: Mary Shaw is a professor of French at Rutgers University – New Brunswick. Along with such critical works as Performance in the Texts of Mallarmé (1993), The Cambridge Introduction to French Poetry (2003), and Visible Writings: Forms, Cultures, Readings (co-edited with Marija Dalbello, 2011), she has edited and translated Entangled - Papers! - Notes, a bilingual volume of poetry by Claude Mouchard (2017), and published two bilingual children’s books and a collection of poems, Album Without Pictures (2008). Fragments of her fiction and poetry have regularly appeared in the online journal Transitions, and have also appeared in Hyperion: The Future of Aesthetics (2017) in Romanic Review (2018, 2021) and in the journals Po&sie (2015) and Versants (2015) in French translations. She is currently working on gathering a first volume of these texts.

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