• Department of French, Rutgers University

Bio: François Cornilliat is Distinguished Professor of French at Rutgers University - New Brunswick, and a specialist of 15th- and 16th-century French poetry. He works on the evolving, unstable relations of poetry and rhetoric across a variety of genres and forms, from verse to prose and from history to fiction. His publications in this field include“Or ne mens.” Couleurs de l’Éloge et du Blâme chez les “Grands Rhétoriqueurs” (Paris: Champion, 1994), and Sujet caduc, noble sujet. La poésie de la Renaissance et le choix de ses “arguments” (Geneva: Droz, 2009). He is currently finishing, in collaboration with the historian Laurent Vissière, a critical edition of Jean Bouchet’s Panegyric du Chevalier sans reproche (1527), a large poetic and didactic biography of the military commander Louis de La Trémoille, written in part in the ornate style of the “rhétoriqueur” tradition.

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