Dena Seidel

  • Department of Plant Biology, Rutgers University

Bio: Dena Seidel an award winning filmmaker, anthropologist, educator and interdisciplinary program developer. Seidel is the founding director of the Rutgers Center for Digital Filmmaking and the Rutgers Film Bureau in the Mason Gross School of the Arts. Seidel also served as the director of Digital Storytelling in the Rutgers English Department. Seidel is the director/producer
of the original Rutgers feature documentary films “Antarctic Edge: 70 Degrees South”, “Atlantic Crossing: A Robot’s Daring Mission”, “The War After” and “Generation at Risk”. Seidel designed the Rutgers BFA in Digital Filmmaking approved by the New Jersey Board
of Governors in 2015. Seidel has a Masters degree in Anthropology with a specific focus on Pacific cultures and served as the director of the Okeanos Foundation for the Sea overseeing the implementation of sustainable sea transportation in several Pacific island nations. Seidel isthe Ambassador-at-Large for Academic and Research Partnerships for Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia. She is also a visiting scholar in the Rutgers Plant Biology Department and a member of the Rutgers Center for Agricultural Food Ecosystems.