• Beryl Goldberg
  • Photojournalist, New York
  • Abstract Title: Burkina-Faso Portraits: Three Families From 1972 to the Present

Bio: Based in New York City, Beryl Goldberg has traveled around the world on assignment for various international organizations and major publishers. Her clients have included UN agencies, the New York Times and Planned Parenthood. Her photos have been exhibited here in the United States, as well as Canada, Great Britain, and Norway. She has had one-woman shows and spoken to classes at Rutgers University, Lehmann College, SUNY- Oneonta among others. Beryl Goldberg is a graduate of Douglass College of Rutgers University. She also did graduate work at New York University, studied French at the University of Bordeaux, and Arabic at the Bourguiba School in Tunisia. She studied photography with Harold Feinstein and Lisette Model.

Abstract: Starting in 1972 this series of photographs presents aspects of the daily life of three families in Burkina Faso, West Africa. The parents were all market people from rural villages. Today many of the younger generations are sophisticated, well-educated members of the wired, urban environment. Some of them have become part of the African diaspora, living abroad in France, Italy and the United States. Viewing the photos we can learn much about women’s lives, the role of education and community. The photos stand on their own as powerful and honest images of real people.

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