Course Descriptions

01:013:291 Intermediate Turkish II, Spring 2017

Course Offered: Spring 2017

The course is designed for students who have previous knowledge of beginner level Turkish. In this course, conversational skills in Turkish will be introduced to you. You will develop intermediate level of reading and writing skills. Basic grammar required for all skills will also by emphasized. All four skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) will be embedded in the course throughout the semester. Class activities will mostly be based on communicative approach to language teaching. By the end of this one semester class, students will: be able to speak intermediate level Turkish carrying on meaningful conversation necessity for every aspect of daily life; construct more knowledge of the Turkish grammar; be familiar with specific aspects of the Turkish people and their culture; have a developed and used language learning strategies that will help not only with improving your Turkish, but with learning other languages too.

This course satisfies the SAS Core Curriculum Goal "Nature of Language" (AHq).