Course Descriptions

01:013:211 Introduction to the Literatures of Africa, Spring 2017

Course Offered: Spring 2017

This is an introductory survey of the literatures of Africa in their various genres and sub-genres. A selection of literary texts from various parts of Africa, both oral and written, will be analyzed in the context of specific historical, cultural, social and political developments, from pre-colonial to post-colonial times. Some emphasis will be placed on translated works and their differences and similarities with non-translated African literature in English. The notion of translation here will be understood broadly to include originals from both the indigenous linguistic pool and Africanized European languages. Using an intercultural approach the course will seek examine a variety of themes, including: African literary aesthetics, the conflict between tradition and modernity, colonialism and nationalism, authenticity and assimilation, as well as issues of cultural identities, power, social class dynamics and gender relations. Students will be exposed to a variety of films, musical clips, video and audio tapes that will reinforce and expand on some of the issues encountered in the assigned texts.

This course fulfills one of the requirements for the AMESALL Major (Regional and Comparative Option) and the AMESALL MinorThis course also satisfies the SAS Core Curriculum Goals "Philosophical and Theoretical Issues" (AHo) and "Arts and Literatures" (AHp).