Course Descriptions

01:013:191 Elementary Turkish II, Spring 2017

Course Offered: Spring 2017

In this course, basic communication skills in Turkish Language will be introduced to students. Students will develop elementary to low-intermediate level of reading and writing skills. Grammar required for all skills will also be emphasized. All four skills listening, speaking, reading, and writing will be embedded in the course throughout the semester. The students will be given many opportunities to have Turkish friends and practice their language skills around the campus. By the end of this one semester, students will: develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Turkish Language; construct basic knowledge of Turkish grammar; master at least 750 words in addition to basic grammatical items; read and write simple prose of approximately two three paragraphs in length; be able to carry on a conversation, talk about a movie and feel very comfortable to talk Turkish in daily situations; understand several aspects of Turkish culture.