Your path to studying Global Humanities at Rutgers could not be clearer. Here is a sample plan to complete the major:

First Year   
Fall    Spring 
013:201 Crossroads (AHo or AHp)    
013:203 Language and Society (AHo or AHp)    
Fall Spring
013:211 Literatures of Africa (AHo or AHp) 013:231 Literatures of South Asia (AHo or AHp)
013:221 Literatures of the Middle East  (AHo or AHp)    
Fall Spring
013:205 Cultural Forces in International Politics 013:304 Introduction to Translation Studies
    013:305 Languages in Peril (21C or IRT)
    013:307 Intro to Postcolonial Literature and Theory (21C, AHo or AHp)
Fall Spring
013:445 Storytelling in the Muslim World (WCd) 013:365 Bollywood
    013:401 Capstone Seminar in Literature, Culture and Society (WCd)